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Glory Sword

My first album is Glory Sword. This album was inspired by Savant Retro Bundle.
I'm a huge fan of Savant so that's why I started making music. Tho Im bad at it and my first album sounds like horse shit.
But I'm still proud of this and Im glad I made it. I will try to make better ones next time.


My third album. (Reason why its on second part is because I was planning to release this right before Rod Hjalte but plans have been changed). Decided to go something full of random stuff. I honestly try to make all kinds of music,not just the same ass genre. I love all types of music so suggest me what else I should make.


My second album. This album was inspired by bunch of chiptune musics. I decided to make something that sounds from video games. I love making these type of music so I really wanted to make another one. At first I wanted to write a story for it and upload it but it doesnt matter now.